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TIME magazine has published a new video and article outlining the massive detrimental effect loneliness can have on your health.

According to the research they’ve compiled, chronic loneliness can be more damaging to your health than smoking! They point out five specific areas loneliness effects:

1. Elevated cortisol (stress hormone)

2. Chronic inflammation

3. Poor diet

4. Too much alcohol

5. Not enough exercise

It doesn’t take massive new studies to see how those factors will be damaging to your health. If you’re currently experiencing loneliness, be aware of these risks and take steps to correct them! More importantly, go find a community of people to get involved with. The world needs you just as much as you need it!

Even before the foundations of the world, God existed in relationship (the trinity). “It is not good for man to be alone.” God created us to live in community and relationship with each other. If you’re lonely, go find a church and start serving. There’s no faster way to make friends than serving other people. Don’t rely on Facebook or texting. We need face-to-face interaction, ESPECIALLY as we head into the holiday season!

You can read the full TIME article here.