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Ask the Pharmacist Group and its network of practitioners bridges the gap between standard and alternative medicines, creating what is referred to as a complimentary approach to health. With our combined experience working with clients, we bring to the table the necessary tools to attempt to correct health discrepancies.

Aspects of Healthy Living, Medications, Exercise, Vitamins, Lifestyle, Diet, ...

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Ask the Pharmacist Radio, hosted by Joe DiMatteo, is a live call-in talk show focused on todayâ™s health care information. Direct, insightful, poignant and sometimes controversial, Joe has built a strong following with an audience who recognizes him as a trusted voice of reason.

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  • Thank you so much!  I love your products.  They are life-changing!

    Annette Long, Customer
  • you are such a blessing Joe :) Thank you for all your wisdom.
    Emma Shirey, Customer
  • Dr. Joe: I have been such an ardent supporter of the show, advice and counsel you've given over the years. I think I need a vitamin and supplement "overhaul"...
    Gail Ross, Customer
  • Really appreciate your ministry and your gift...
    Rick Davis, Customer
  • and your shop and your show rocks, babeee! You have made a great impact on so many of us - you and your team of experts in Oakmont, PA and Penn Hills, PA!
    Peg Fitchwell-Hill, Customer
  • The best products on the market from a righteous Christian!
    Charlie Lynn Trapasso, Customer