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It’s always fun to see research confirm what we already new to be true!

New studies out are showing that eating just a handful of nuts three times a week lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome in teens. About 12% of US teens are feeling the effects of metabolic syndrome (which leads to early heart disease and type 2 diabetes). The study showed that every ounce of nuts consumed by a teen reduced their risk even further. Why? Nuts are super-densely packed with healthy fats, fiber and other nutrients in a tiny, callory-full package. As Joe would say it, they’re whole, live foods! Get your teen eating a handful of nuts every day!

But that’s not all!

Another study found that people (aged 55-90) that ate nuts three or more times a week, and particularly walnuts, are living longer!  7000 people in that age range were put on either a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra nuts and olive oil or a low-fat diet. The study found coloration between nut consumption and lower BMI, smaller waist, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes as well as a healthy life style in general! Overall, nut eaters had a 39% lower mortality risk and walnut eaters a 45% lower, meaning they were less likely to die than the non-nut eaters.

Nuts are one of the absolute BEST snacks you can have. You don’t have to prepare them. They taste great. They’re easy to pack and take with you. And if all of that isn’t enough, they’ll also make you live longer!

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