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The media was shocked recently to learn what woman have been saying for decades: taking hormone based birth control makes many of them depressed.

A study from the University of Copenhagen found that woman taking these contraceptives saw an increased likelihood of also taking antidepressants or being diagnosed with depression. How much more likely? Nearly 25%!

It gets worse…

Teen girls on oral hormone based birth control saw an 80% antidepressant use increase. Teens using non-oral hormone birth control (The ring, sub dermal, etc.) saw a TRIPLED RISK!

This doesn’t need much commentary. Obviously, we’re not saying nobody should be taking hormone based birth control. There are definite, medical reasons for its use. However, why is anyone surprised that messing with the naturally occurring, God-designed hormones in your body has negative side effects, especially during formative years? Moreover, why do we push hormone based birth control when there are so many other excellent alternatives?

If only science and medicine would apply a bit more common sense, we might be able to avoid a lot of pain for a lot of folks.

You can read the study HERE.