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acne skin zitWant to clear up your complexion this year? We’re glad you asked! Here are four steps that will go a long way toward getting acne under control without pharmaceuticals.

1. Clean up your diet!

Anything that increases inflammation in your body is a problem. Sugar and dairy are clearly problems. Unfortunately, many teens subsist almost entirely on sugar, complex carbs and dairy! Eating healthfully makes a huge difference in your entire body, including with your skin.

2. Reduce Stress!

There are dozens of ways to reduce stress. Pray. Exercise. Spend time with family and friends. Spend time AWAY from family and friends. Bottom line, stress effects both hormone production and oily skin.

3. Tea Tree Oil!

I was once a skeptic, but everything you’ve heard is true! Tea Tree Oil, sparingly applied to the location of a breakout, will quickly clear up those zits! It’s especially effective when you first feel that soar little bump before it’s formed into a full-blown zit. Again, be sparing. It doesn’t take much and it should NOT be used on your entire face. Read the directions and use it as suggested.

4. Supplement!

There are bunches of things we could recommend depending on your situation, but for most folks, the ACNE ESSENTIALS PACKAGE will cover the basics. Want to learn more about Acne and Joe’s natural approach to dealing with it? Check out this video! Acne (and dozens of other topics) are covered in depth on our page.

Every situation is different. Before starting any major supplement regimen, you should definitely call for a consult. We’d love to talk to you!