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Ever wondered what all of the different methods of connecting with Joe and his teach are? Well, here we go!


Monday-Friday from 3-4PM EST:

  • SiriusXM – Family Talk Channel 131
  • Pittsburgh, PA – WPIT 730 AM or 96.5 FM
  • St. Louis, MO – KXFN AM 1380 (2-3 CST)

Saturday – 8-9 AM EST

  • Pittsburgh, PA – WORD 101.5 FM
  • Boston, MA – WEZE 590 AM


Missed an episode and you want to get caught up? Hearing something on the radio that you want to share with a friend? That’s where the podcast comes in! Every episode is archived on our site and FREE for you to listen to or share!



These are often longer-form, more in-depth discussions of very specific topics. New videos are put up every week!



While you may not be able to listen to the radio show every day, we do! Our video show clips are small, bite sized pieces of the show that we think are the very best. Better still, they’re already on Facebook and ready for you to share with family and friends! Be sure to like and set your “follow” to “SEE FIRST!”



That’s what you’re reading right now! We try to keep this space updated with the latest in research and health news. Often, you’ll find things Joe is talking about on the radio show!



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