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H. Pylolri (or helicobacter pylori) has proved to be a resilient, frustrating issue for many people. Modern medicine, in the form of stronger and stronger antibiotics, has been stumped as many patients find their symptoms returning soon after treatment ends. is reporting on some fantastic results from a new study using honey and black seed in combination. 14 patients that tested positive for H. plyori were given a teaspoon sized combination of 2g of ground black seed and 4g of honey, three times per day after each meal for one month. After the month was over, 8 of the 14 (57%) tested negative for the offending bacteria. Better still, there were NO serious side effects unlike high doses of powerful antibiotics (the traditional medical response).

The researchers also pointed out that even though their combination of honey and black seed may not eradicate H. pylori in all cases, it has a palliative effect in gastrointestinal symptoms in non-ulcer dyspepsia. This is likely not true for conventional antibiotics which may have a wide range of adverse effects related to the depopulation of beneficial gut bacteria.


A 57% cure rate requiring no prescription medication and not showing any serious side effects fantastic for any disease state. Having that result with something as persistent and resilient as H. pylori is near miraculous.

No matter what method you utilize to deal with your infection, be sure to supplement properly so that good bacteria is able to take the place of the H. pylori. Your gut NEEDS a healthy population of good bacteria and these products help toward that goal!