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f you’re new to natural health and supplementation, many of the terms you hear often will be totally foreign. One of our primary goals here is to help you to be educated and informed. We believe educated people make better patients with better outcomes. It’s only a matter of time until everyone comes into contact with the medical world. Let us help you get your bearings before you reach that point!

It is well-established that good nutrition promotes health, while nutritional deficiencies can lead to many chronic diseases. Yet, many people underestimate the importance of achieving proper levels of micronutrients each day. One of the ways to help get the proper nutrition is through daily multi-vitamins. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products on the market today called multi-vitamins. So what should you look for?

Getting the proper amounts of vitamin C or B is only the most basic thing a good multivitamin will do. The tougher job is making sure you get enough micronutrients.

For the human body to complete vital daily tasks, it must be given a wide and complex variety of key micronutrients. What are they? They’re chemical substances (minerals, vitamins, etc) the human body needs trace amounts of.  Due to the tiny amounts we need, they’re often ignored or overlooked. Micronutrients play a role in strengthening immune function and converting food to energy. They detoxify chemicals and medications, and manufacture neurotransmitters, hormones and other key signaling molecules in the body. Micro nutrients also maintain tissue repair and cell regeneration. Becoming deficient in any one of these essential vitamins or minerals can create a breakdown in metabolic processes that safeguard health.

Comprehensive studies conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture have revealed the average American diet lacks micronutrients. Nutritional deficiencies may be caused by poor nutrient levels in the soil, food transport and storage methods, and food processing techniques. Whatever the reason, nutrient deficiencies exist in a substantial portion of the US population and, for select nutrients, more than 80% of Americans consume less than the recommended daily allowance.

Our Daily Essentials is a superior multivitamin designed to support the ideal daily intake of vitamins and minerals by providing a high quality of micronutrients in the most bioavailable form with 14 super-action vitamins, 10 super-action minerals, aa rich source of natural vitamin E, and 16 alkalinizers and energizers to buffer the cell’s acidic load.