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Today, I am going to continue my discussion on skin health and anti-aging. So far, we have covered to goals to help reduce aging skin: Increase Cell turnover & Decrease Free Radical.

Goal #3: Decrease Sun Damage & Exposure

The sun is actually not only damaging collagen, but it almost digests the collagen. It can take up to ten years to even see the repercussions of the exposure. What is scary about that fact is that we do not even realize what we are doing to our skin on a daily basis, let alone those even handful of time that we were overexposed to the sun and suffered burns.

The first step to make sure that you are wearing sunscreen, with a minimum of SPF 15. There are two types of sunscreens: chemical and mineral based. Mineral based are usually zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These can be a little pasty, but they are better for the skin because there is less chance of irritation. Also, antioxidants have sun protection elements, as well.

You want to try to find a day cream that has SPF and antioxidants.

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