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“You’re not crazy.”

That’s the bottom-line message from researchers at the National Institute of Health studying PMS/PMDD.

While many women have known for ages that PMDD (PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) is very, VERY real, many in the science and medical communities continued to question it. Millions of women (between 2-5% of all menstruating women)  experience the debilitating pain, mood swings, anxiety and depression of PMDD, and now have proof they’re not “just wimps.”

Scientists at the National Institute of Health (NIH) believe they have discovered the root cause of the problem: an abnormal gene expression. MENTAL FLOSS put it like this:

A large group of genes called the ESC/E(Z) complex was working overtime in women with PMDD. This makes a lot of sense, the researchers say, as the role of the ESC/E(Z) complex is to tell our genes how to respond to changes in our internal and external environment. Hypersensitivity there could definitely cause dramatic overreaction to hormonal changes.

So now what?

Joe has been working with women on these problems for years. Below are two videos in which Joe shares everything he knows about the best ways to deal with PMS and PMDD.

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