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Many gut health issues, including crohn’s disease, can be helped dramatically by sticking to an elimination diet.

Two studies, one from Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, Fujita Health University, and the other from Università di Bologna, Italy, showed that simply using an elimination diet was a very effective primary treatment.  From the Italian study:

CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest that, in the short term, an oral elemental diet is at least as effective as steroids in inducing remission of mild-moderately active Crohn’s disease, but it may be more effective in improving the nutritional status of these patients, probably through a more rapid restoration of normal intestinal permeability.

In other words, eating healthy, live foods and avoiding everything processed can have a dramatic effect on the health and effectiveness of your gut, as effective as steroids! If you can do that by just eating properly, why wouldn’t you?

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Studies Mentioned: Fujita Health University and University of Bologna