Buffered C Powder

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Buffered C Powder

Buffered Ascorbates

Helps support immune system function, collagen repair and formation, joint function, energy production, antioxidant protection, detoxification, and more*

Enhances hormone production and function*

Ultra Professional C is a pH-balanced, vegetarian, allergen-free, and completely buffered mineral ascorbate. It uses fully (100%) reduced ascorbate, which works harder, more quickly and more persistently in the body.

Ultra Professional C prevents free radicals from harming the ascorbate. Also, the cofactors, metabolites, and transporters in Ultra Professional C powerfully enhance absorption and tissue action. In addition, Ultra Professional C is free of the side effects associated with other vitamin C supplements.

Ultra Professional C contains a balance of essential minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Most Americans are deficient in one or more of these key minerals, due to stress, ill health, food processing, toxins, and other factors.

Ultra Professional C tastes better than other vitamin C powders, so you are more likely to stick with it. When mixed with water or juice, it produces a tasty, slightly effervescent drink.

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Note: Each rounded teaspoon contains 3.2 grams of fully buffered ascorbate. Each 8-ounce bottle contains 113 servings with a total of 227 grams of ascorbate. Each 16-ounce bottle contains 227 servings with a total of 454 grams of ascorbate.

Free of citrus, MSG, wheat/gluten, corn/zein/starch, dairy/casein/whey/milk derivatives, yeast, soy, sulfate, phosphates (other than coenzymes), and preservatives.

No genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

100% vegetarian formula.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one rounded half-teaspoon mixed with four (4) ounces of liquid or as directed by your health professional. Wait for effervescence to stop before drinking. Use only dry measuring spoons. Keep tightly capped and moisture free.

Keep out of reach of children.

Quality and Potency Guaranteed.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.


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Weight 1.125 lbs

16 oz, 8 oz

7 reviews for Buffered C Powder

  1. Anita M (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this product highly enough. I take it with me wherever I go including holidays. It helps to maintain a healthy system and I feel more energetic and able to overcome the sniffles and viruses that many folks around me seem to suffer from. It is a real quality product that I recommend to all my family and friends.

  2. shepkd (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! It’s the only C powder I can find that actually tastes good. A very tastey slightly tart flavor.

  3. Sherri (verified owner)

    I have been buying this for years! Initially bought it for a Vit C flush and have kept on using since. If you take it faithfully every day, you will notice a difference in your overall feeling of well-being.

  4. obiwanpike (verified owner)

    Our family has tried many different Vitamin C supplements, but there aren’t any in the same class of strength and efficacy. I recommend this supplement to everyone I know.

  5. Diane M

    This is the ONE supplement that I absolutely will not live without. I’ve been taking it maybe 10 years now. It’s the first thing I do when I get up in the morning. I take it every morning without fail, and if I feel like I might be coming down with something, my buffered C powder comes to the rescue. I will take it 2 or 3 additional times during the day and before bed if I’m fighting something, and I hardly ever get sick. It is SO good, such excellent quality, and it makes a huge difference in my daily health. I don’t love the taste, but I’m used to it so that’s not a big deal. When we traveled to Israel, I poured some of this white powder in a small baggie and put it in with my carry-on luggage, not sure if TSA would confiscate it or not – they didn’t, so I was able to take some every morning and every night in Israel. I used the entire contents of my buffered C while I was traveling, so I didn’t have to find out if the Israeli equivalent of TSA was going to let me through with it. No worries! This C is amazing, I’m so thankful I found it.

  6. Sandy Cumings (verified owner)

    Joe put me on this and I have been taking this for 20+ years. I had chronic bronchitis, terribly allergic to mold. This Powder Vitamin C change my life. I haven’t had bronchitis…well since 2013 was the last time. I can be near mold and not get sick…but I try not to but sometimes you get into it without meaning too. Also I would give this to my mom and all those blood spots elder people get, disappeared. So it strengthens not only lungs, but blood vessels too. I am sure it helps with a lot of others things that I don’t realize but, I will never be without it. No other Vitamin C comes close. I too used it for the C flush, boy it works.

  7. lmckethan02

    All my life any time I have tried to take Vit C i have gotten sick to my stomach, doesn’t matter if I took with or without food I always ended up vomiting or very nauseous and ruined my day. During covid a friend gave me this vitamin and I took it without food on her assurance it wouldn’t make me feel sick. I was amazed that I can take this any time during the day without any stomach issues, so amazed I have told every client that says “I can’t take vitamins, they make me sick” to please trust me and try your brand. Thank you for making such amazing products so I can try to take care of my health!

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