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As humans, symbols and ceremony are important. They may not have an actual impact on your life, but the idea of many of our traditions is powerful. The new year and it’s fresh start are a perfect example. Is January 1 structurally or functionally different from December 31? Of course not. But the idea of a new beginning is a powerful symbol and one we shouldn’t take lightly!

As you consider what this new year might mean, we have a couple of suggestions.

1. First (and most importantly), spend more time on relationships:

Spend time with God and with the people you love and care about. This year has been a tough one for us with sudden and unexpected loss. Don’t waste time! Call that friend you haven’t talked to in ages. Spend some time praying with a family member. Tell that person how much you love them. Being in great health and living into your 90’s doesn’t mean much if you don’t spend that time well.

2. Eat 5 live foods each day.

Joe says it all in this health minute clip: If you want to have a better sense of well being and health, eat live foods every day. What’s a live food? Raw fruits and vegetables as well as nuts. It doesn’t matter what diet you chose to try, all of the ones worth doing will have life foods at their cornerstone.

3. Supplement Well.

You knew this one was coming, right? You don’t have to take 20 pills a day, but there are some basics that EVERYONE should look into. Probiotics, a good multivitamin and Omega-3’s are a MUST. What have you got to lose? Take this opportunity to try something new! Know someone already supplementing well? Ask about their experiences. Does it cure cancer, regrow hair and help you grow six inches? Of course not. Proper supplementation gives your body the components it needs to function and heal the way God intended for it to.

4. Get More Sleep.

Many of you (me too) don’t sleep the necessary 7-8 hours each night. Whether it’s that you have too much to do, love the quiet time in the house, or have a health challenge like insomnia, getting enough sleep is of paramount importance. Don’t cheat yourself! Sleep is when your body does dozens of healing and maintenance functions. Your brain uses the time to clean itself. If you deprive yourself of adequate sleep long enough, you’ll see major negatives in your attention, focus and mood as well as digestion, cardiovascular health and more.

5. Ask for help.

For so many of us, there’s a weird sense of pride we think we’re risking if we ask for help. That is, of course, ridiculous. Don’t let pride stand between you and the help you need. Whether its business, finance, relationships or just fixing the plumbing, nobody knows everything and everyone needs help. If it’s a health issue you need help with, call Joyce Gibb, our nurse practitioner and naturalpath. Just call 1-877-275-7743 and ask Terri to set an appointment for you. They can be in person or over the phone. It’s the 21st century. Geography isn’t an impediment!

It may just be tradition, but it’s a powerful one. Death and rebirth. The phoenix rising from the ashes of an extinguished fire. These symbols move us because there’s a truth to them deeper than we can express with language. It’s part of the rhythm of life. Embrace this opportunity to create a new you!