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After the announcement that Ask the Pharmacist was being retired from traditional radio broadcast (though still available as a podcast), we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of comments and memories you shared with us. It does our hearts good to see the impact Joe’s work had on so many.

We also were surprised by how many didn’t realize we’ve continued his legacy and work… so we figured we should re-introduce ourselves and the new things we’re doing!

Joyce Gibb (MS, CRNP) was the first of the team to step into the gap left by Joe’s absence. Her years in nursing, natural health, and working in private consultation directly with Joe put her in the perfect spot to share her voice. She began making videos in early 2018, all of which are available free on YouTube.

Then, the team came up with a new way to share their expertise with the world: a roundtable video podcast called Generation Health.

The podcast launched in March of 2023 with Joe’s sons, Joey DiMatteo (PharmD, CCN) and Dante DiMatteo (PharmD, CSCS), and behind-the-scenes team member Tyler Andrews as the hosts. The new format allows the team to keep the same mission as Joe’s classic radio show, covering complex health topics, research in pharmacology and natural health, and directly answering listener questions. But now, they’re doing it in a way that better fits their personalities and unique shared history.

The modern world seems intentionally designed to keep people ignorant and sick. From the food we eat to the way we spend our free time. We’re on a mission to educate and inform a new generation about how to live better, longer. Sometimes it’s cutting edge research, but mostly it’s time-tested best practices (just like Joe talked about).

If that sounds like a mission you want to be a part of, we need your help:

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