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Hi. I’m Joyce Gibb. I’ve been a Nurse Practitioner for 14 years. Like Joe, I have a diverse background of medical experience ranging from family practice to urgent care, and even at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus where I worked in ambulance and helicopter patient transport. In 2003, I began to focus my interest and training in functional/integrative medicine.
Four years ago, I started doing private consultations alongside Joe both in person in our Pittsburgh offices and nationwide by phone. Not only did I learn integrative medicine from him, but his empathy, compassion and integrity.


While Joe is no longer with us, you still need to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine by finding a better, more natural approach. I am continuing to see patients, just as I have been doing for the past 4 years. Everyone is welcome, whether you are an established patient or you’re just discovering integrative wellness.

Call now to schedule an appointment: (412) 826-9500 and ask for Terri.

It’s an honor to continue Joe’s legacy in consultations with you.