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When Dr. Joe DiMatteo passed unexpectedly in 2017, it was a shock to all of us. There were so many questions, not the least of which was what to do about the six-day-a-week radio show he had hosted for over 20 years! In her wisdom, Mrs. Renee DiMatteo insisted that we continue rebroadcasting shows Joe had been doing in the last few years preceding his death. The information was still relevant and timely, and people would always need to hear the good news.

Since then, we have been blown away by the continued listenership. Not only have we seen lots of folks continue listening, but we’ve even gained new listeners! Obviously, Renee was right.

After 11 years with SiriusXM, things are changing. The Family Talk channel (channel 131) is changing day-time formats. As of Monday, May 17, Family Talk will be exclusively preaching. As such, the classic episodes of Ask The Pharmacist will be moving!

From now on, classic episodes of Ask the Pharmacist can be heard from 3-4AM on Family Talk 131. But that’s not all! You’ll also be able to get the show on Saturday mornings from 8-9AM.

As big of a change as that is, it doesn’t have to mean a change in when you listen. You can listen ANYTIME on our website (HERE), or by subscribing to the podcast on Apple or Google podcasts.

If you prefer traditional radio, you can still hear the show in it’s usual time slot on WPIT AM 730 in Pittsburgh.

All good things must come to an end. For the decade-long time slot we’ve enjoyed with SiriusXM, that time is now. We are honored to have been in such a strong, anchor position with them for so long. It’s a testament to your love and dedication that we’ve been able to continue in that slot despite not having new shows to share. Thank you.

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