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In a study released on November 18th by the University of California, San Francisco, they concluded that vigorouss exercise significantly reduced men’s chance of getting prostate cancer.

According to the article, “A study that tracked tens of thousands of midlife and older men for more than 20 years has found that vigorous exercise and other healthy lifestyle habits may cut their chances of developing a lethal type of prostate cancer by up to 68 percent.”

Researchers wanted to see if exercise, not smoking and diet had significant impacts on their study group. They discovered that exercise has the most significant impact. The article states, ” ‘We estimated that 47 percent of lethal prostate cancer cases would be prevented in the United States if men over 60 had five or more of these healthy habits,’ said Kenfield, assistant professor in the Department of Urology at UCSF Medical Center, and formerly of the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, where the study was initiated.”

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