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In a recent study from the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center, “researchers have discovered the negative impact a high fat diet has on red blood cells and how these cells, in turn, promote the development of cardiovascular disease.”

It continues, ” ‘Evidence is emerging that red blood cells play an important regulatory role in the development of atherosclerosis, binding pro-inflammatory proteins that cause dysfunction in the inner lining of the blood vessel wall–the endothelium. We explored how a high fat-diet causes red blood cell dysfunction in this study.’ ”

Futhermore, ” ‘All of these findings show that the dysfunction of red blood cells, corresponding with dysfunction of the lining of blood vessels, occurs very early in diet-induced obesity and may play a part in the formation of atherosclerosis. Diets high in saturated fat have long been associated with endothelial dysfunction, the precursor to atherosclerosis, but to our knowledge, the effects of high-fat diet on red blood cells have not been rigorously examined.’ ”

University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center. “Impact of high-fat diet on red blood cells may cause cardiovascular disease.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 November 2015. <>.

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