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There are numerous issues that cause fatigue. One cause is adrenal fatigue. People are not getting enough sleep, are under stress, maintain a poor diet, consume too much sugar and caffeine. All of these things can cause adrenal fatigue. The adrenals are your organs of resilience. Your adrenals produce cortisol and DHEA which are necessary for energy throughout the day; this is not a disease, but a depletion. Second, low thyroid function causes fatigue. In most cases, thyroid issues go completely undiagnosed. A lack of complete thyroid evaluation can miss the  free T3′s and free T4′s conversion process. Your thyroid produces T4, and ultimately your liver and tissues should convert that to T3. The T3 hormone is eight times the strength of the T4, which is why it is crucial to have this conversion. Finally, a carbohydrate overloaded diet can lead to hypoglycemic tendencies (low blood sugar), stress your adrenals, and give you that feeling low energy.

This topic will be addressed in detail during Len and Joe’s Health Fair in September.

-Joe DiMatteo

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