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Your bone health is more than just about getting enough calcium. Magnesium, vitamin K, Strontium, Boron, Vitamin D, and more are all crucial to proper bone remodeling. Bone Health is an issue to start thinking about in your 20′s, not just for the aging. Bone loss and the ability to remodel bones occurs with the more soda you drink, caffeine consumption, lack of physical activity and exercise. Many people think the easy solution to this is some type of prescription drug. However, these drugs are associated with esophagus erosion, irregular heart rate, unexplained bone pain, spontaneous femur fractures, and muscle and joint pain. To top it all off, the quality of bone that is being reproduced is questionable. The bone strength is not the same or as strong.

To prevent or deal with bone loss, first women should have their hormone levels evaluated. This includes testosterone and DHEA. Also, resistance exercise and strength training will stimulate bone remodeling. An alkaline forming diet will help (more fruits and vegetables). Don’t forget a comprehensive bone supplement, like Bone Essentials.

Bone Essentials are available at our online store or by calling us toll-free at 1.877.275.7743.

-Joe DiMatteo

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