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  1. French Fries
    Don’t be reassured by the fact that McDonald’s is changing its cooking oil. French fries are still starchy white potatoes cooked in hot fat and flavored with chemicals and sugar. Possibly the worst snack food on the planet.
  2. Donuts
    Fried bread. Need I say more? And if that wasn’t bad enough, add a sugary cream filling and a glaze of more sugar on top. Any questions?
  3. Chips (Potato or Corn)
    These are really just a packaged version of French fries (see #1). However, you can do damage control on this one by switching to baked blue corn chips, available in health food stores. It’s still not real food, but it beats the 7-Eleven version any day.
  4. Soda
    And sorry, this includes the diet kind. Absolutely nothing of any value here, and a whole lot of chemicals to boot.
  5. Cupcakes and Snack Cakes
    The creamy filling is fake whipped cream, and the rest of it is sugar, flour and flavoring. You’ve gotta be kidding.
  6. Candy Bars
    You might squeeze a gram or two of protein out of the nuts in some of them, but by and large they’re a sugar orgy and a nutrition nightmare. Again, you can move slightly up the food chain by switching to one of the “energy” bars. Most are just candy bars disguised as health food but they often have 1/3 less calories, quite a bit more protein and a bit less fat. Don’t confuse them with real food though.
  7. Pork Rinds
    Fried pork skin. Not a good thing!
  8. Fat-Free Cookies
    These are even more insidious because they pretend to be healthy. Remember, fat-free doesn’t equal calorie free. Betcha can’t eat just one!
  9. Crackers
    Trans-fats anyone? Most crackers are loaded with ’em. Read your labels carefully to find the few that aren’t.
  10. Pretzels
    Surprise, surprise. Remember, just because something doesn’t have fat doesn’t make it good. This is just white flour, water and sugar masquerading as a healthy snack. Fuggedaboutit.

Runner up: Those creamy, carmelly, coconutty coffee mocha-latte-frappe drinks that are taking over the universe. I love my Starbucks too, but 20 ounces of caffeine, sugar, whipped cream and milk taken once or twice a day does not a lean waistline make!

And yes, the calories you drink count.

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