The Anti-Stress

Probiotics are at it again! This time it’s in relation to stress. In a recent study, researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder may have found a type of “good” bacterium that could protect the brain against the harmful effects of stress. This could be a big deal because, if confirmed in clinical trials, mood…

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Probiotics are Only Half of the Story

Probiotics are only Half of the Story

Modern medicine is finally coming around to what natural medicine has known for years: probiotics are a crucial part of gut health. Having a healthy, active bacterial culture in your gut is critical to everything from digestion to mental health. Study after study has shown the value of a dietary probiotic supplement.  If you’ve listened…

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The Basics: Probiotics

If you’re new to natural health and supplementation, many of the terms you hear often will be totally foreign. One of our primary goals here is to help you to be educated and informed. We believe educated people make better patients with better outcomes. It’s only a matter of time until everyone comes into contact…

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