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It has always been our goal to exceed expectations in product quality and customer service. Our cutting-edge formulations are backed by science, uncompromising raw ingredient quality, and a passion for efficacy. With that, we are pleased to announce the reformulation of Sina-Stat which is a comprehensive blend of nutrients and botanicals that promote normal mucus viscosity for healthy sinus function and a balanced inflammatory response.

Recently, new turmeric research with significant clinical implications caught our attention. It is well-known that turmeric, specifically curcumin, the primary standardized compound of turmeric, is poorly absorbed in the GI tract. However, the layers of the gut and the microbiota may be the primary target of turmeric and bypassing the gut may not be the ideal way to reap its benefits. Furthermore, new research shows that non-curcuminoid compounds found in turmeric have multiple clinical benefits and work better in synergy to enhance the effects of curcuminoids.

With this information, we are pleased to announce our new turmeric raw material, Complete Turmeric Matrix (CTM), which contains 45-55% curcuminoids, 3-8% volatile oils, and 2-6% turmerin protein, to maximize the clinical efficacy of turmeric for even better patient results.  The Complete Turmeric Matrix dosing will remain at 100 mg per capsule in our Sina-Stat formulation.


• Provides Immediate Support for Sinus and Respiratory Challenges
• Aids in Breakdown and Clearance of Mucus
• Helps Soothe Sinus Tissue
• Boosts Immune Response


Product Detail Information Sheet (PDF)

1 review for Sina-Stat Essentials

  1. Leann (verified owner)

    My husband has struggled with allergies and sinus issues most of his life. Since taking this product he is sleeping better because his sinus are not creating as mucus.

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