Glucosamine Sulfate (Shellfish Free)



Glucosamine Sulfate, 750mg

A vegetarian, shellfish-free glucosamine featuring patented GlucosaGreen®, manufactured via a fermentation process and supported by clinical research.

Joint disease, mainly osteoarthritis is a potentially debilitating condition that affects the soft tissue matrix that “cushions” our joints. Joint health requires a complex interplay between nutrient availability, inflammation, and repair of articular cartilage and maintenance of the synovial fluid. To help support the structural integrity of joint cartilage, Glucosamine offers significant benefits as an integral component of healthy joint tissue. We always use the highest quality raw materials that are identical to those used in the major clinical trials.


  • Patented GlucosaGreen® brand of shellfish-free glucosamine.
  • Manufactured via a fermentation process using dextrose from non-GMO corn.
  • Fully reacted glucosamine sulfate.
  • Vegetarian.



  • Glucosamine sulfate helps support the production, and limits the breakdown of, proteoglycans – a class of compounds that make up the cartilage matrix of joint tissue.
  • Clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy and safety of glucosamine sulfate in helping to support the cartilage matrix of joints, particularly the knee joint.


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