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We’re halfway through the month, which means a lot of men have long passed their five o’clock shadows in No Shave November. This annual event encourages men to put away their razors for the month to raise awareness for men’s health issues. While it may seem like a simple challenge, No Shave November (or “Movember,” if you want to go back to its origin story) has a profound impact on the men’s health movement.

The movement began in 2009 as a way to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Since then, the event has expanded to include other men’s health issues, such as testicular cancer and mental health. The goal of No Shave November is to start a conversation about these important issues and to encourage men to take care of their health.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, with one in nine men being diagnosed in their lifetime. Testicular cancer is less common but still affects many men, with about 9,000 new cases each year. Mental health is also a significant issue for men, with suicide rates among men being higher than women.

By participating in No Shave November, men can raise awareness for these issues and encourage others to take care of their health. The money raised during the event is donated to organizations that support men’s health issues.

Even though November is halfway gone, you can still jump in! There are many ways to get involved in No Shave November. You can join a team, start your own team, or simply participate as an individual. The rules are simple: put away your razor for the month and donate the money you would have spent on shaving and grooming to a men’s health organization. And if you see a dude sporting a cool ‘stache, tell him that he’s doing the Lord’s work.