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It seems that we have a “day” for just about everything from celebrating mothers to eating ice cream to letting a groundhog predict the weather. Today is no different. 

Yesterday was National Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day!

We can’t travel back in time, but we think this is worth doing EVERYDAY.

Bills have to be paid. Deadlines have to be met. Commitments have to be fulfilled. Kids have to be taken to practices. Homework…WORK work…Not to mention caring for elderly or sick loved ones, being a single parent, or dealing with an unexpected diagnosis of your own. We see you and we know that taking an entire day “off” from these things could be next to impossible, but it’s important to note that the stress and anxiety of it all are killing us

 If you can manage it, let today be intentional, and focus on letting things go. Just let your normal stress and worries slide right off your back so that you can relax and live one singular care-free day. Live your best life and leave your worries and stress for tomorrow.

 If you can’t get the whole day, try to take a half-day, an hour, or 30 minutes to let yourself be free. There are a few ways you can relax, even if it’s just for a few intentional moments throughout your day. 

 If you only have a few minutes, try stretching, reading a chapter or two from the new book you’ve been wanting to read, go for a walk, call your best friend, or cook your favorite meal. 

 If you have more time, go try something new you’ve never done before. There’s something exhilarating about doing something different. Sign up for art classes. Go explore a completely different area. Go skydiving! Whatever takes you out of your normal, ordinary routine. 

 And if you have the entire day to loosen up and lighten up, do whatever you feel like would bring you the most peace and excitement. Do all of the above. Or none of it. The choice is yours! Allow yourself to be free and not be restricted by your normal constraints. 

 Get your family involved. Allow your kids to be completely, unabashedly kid-like. Even the big ones. Go for a hike. Play games. Eat dessert instead of dinner (just for today)! Make memories that will last you well beyond the next Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day. 

 If we can teach our kids to understand that by allowing themselves to lighten up a bit, they will be better able to manage stress as adults. Who knew there was a Loosen Up, Lighten Up  Day?

 Go out and celebrate!