Introducing our new and exclusive OMEGA-3 800 and Omega-3 2800

May 19,2014

We are very excited to introduce our new-exclusive Omega-3 800 capsules and Omega-3 2800 liquid NOW MANUFACTURED IN A TRI-GLYCERIDE FORMULATION!  This formulation allows increased absorption of the fish oil as well as a SMALLER capsule size.  The liquid has 2800mg of fish oil in a single teaspoonful.  We have manufactured a product that is still molecularly distilled and is the quality product you expect from us. Because of the improved quality, this will replace our Omega-3 800 Capsules and Vinco Omega Liquid.  We are excited to continue to stay on the cutting edge of keep you healthy.


As always,

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Diane Silverman R.Ph.
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