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Many of us work all day and have plenty to do at home, so sometimes our ideal breakfast and lunch fall by the waste side. Sometimes we simply need a “pick me up” during our grueling work days. Below is the list we have comprised of the best foods to bring to work or keep in your drawer:

  1. Almonds: Packed with fiber, protein, good fat, magnesium, and more – this is a handful you don’t need to regret taking.
  2. Roasted Chickpeas: Great source of fiber and help stabilize blood sugars.
  3. Organic Fruit and Nut Bars: Look for bars that are low in sugar, high in protein, and high in fiber.
  4. Tuna or Salmon (canned): This can serve as a great lunch when you are too busy to leave your desk
  5. Whole Wheat/Gran Crackers (Organic): Perfect for that tuna or nut butter!
  6. Sardines: These are high in protein and quality oils.
  7. Organic Nut Butter: Focus on finding a nut butter that does not have any added sugar.
  8. Water: You’d be amazed how much drinking water throughout the day keeps your focused and even full.
  9. Vegetable Juice: A great way to get some vegetable and nutrients throughout the day.
  10. Green Tea: Packed with antioxidants, and can also be that little bit of caffeine you need during your 2pm slump.
  11. Dark Chocolate Squares: Rich in flavonoids that are powerful antioxidants. Dark chocolate is great for the cardiovascular system.
  12. Fresh Fruit: Try to bring bananas or apples to word at the start of the week. They can sit at room temperature.
  13. Organic Rice Cakes: A great snack or crunch. Don’t be afraid to top it with some of that nut butter!

Most of these foods are great form of complex carbohydrates are low glycemic index foods. Being prepared and having foods that curve your appetite and stop you from eating that cake in the break room are a great step towards your healthy lifestyle!