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Companies make piles of money selling products designed to reduce this risk of impacting your joints while you exercise. Special exercise devices are devised that can reduce the “impact.” I have even used it as an excuse once or twice… but is there any truth to the notion that exercising is going to hurt your joints?

In short: not really.

THIS study was able to show that, unless you’re an elite athlete, constantly battering your body into submission, there’s no real increased risk to your joints. Healthy individuals doing normal or even moderate exercise were at no greater risk. In fact, consistent, regular exercise is more likely to preserve joint health as it helps control weight and other risk factors for long-term disease states.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to folks that are already suffering from joint issues. If you have osteoarthritis or other problems, you need to consult with a doctor before changing anything.

For the rest of us, that’s one less excuse! Get outside! Go for a run! Get moving!

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