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September 8, 2014

Did you know that you can boost balance with ballroom dancing?  In a recent article published in Reuters, it is discussed that you need “postural balance to avoid falls”.  A study was conducted with residents of a nursing home using a program of ballroom dancing lessons for one group and comparing to a sedentary group.  “During the 12-week study period, those in the sedentary group had about the same rate of falls, but among the dance program subjects there was only a single fall.  Writing that: “sedentary elderly people living in long-term institutions can improve their balance via a ballroom dancing program,” the study authors submit that: “This activity improved balance and reduced the number of falls in this elderly population.”  This type of “therapy” can reduce the risk of falls and breaks.

Here is the link to the entire article:

Boost Balance With Ballroom Dancing

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