Immu-Stim Essentials



For use in chronic viral infection situations such as cold sores.

Immu-Stim Essentials provides the powerful immune supporting combination of Arabinogalactan, Oleuropein (the active ingredient found in olive leaf extract), Acemannan (the immune-stimulating component of aloe vera concentrate) and chelated zinc. 

Why Immu-Stim Essentials?

Larch Arabinogalactin 
Arabinogalactin has been shown to support positive immune and reticuloendothelial function. Arabinogalactins are now being used to support a number of immune functions. 

Aloe Vera Extract (200:1) 
Our potent 200:1 extract has had the aloin-like compounds removed and is not a stimulating laxative. Aloe Vera has long been studied for its role in general immune-system support.

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