Allergy & Congestion Support Package



This is recommended for “Allergy and Congestion Support”.

Another package to come from your requests!  During the frequently asked questions Livestream Joe touched on Allergy Support.  Here is a clip from our Blog:

Why do I suddenly have allergies?

What is tripping the switch on allergies?  Chlorine is now being documented in increasing allergy risk.  Chemicals used to purify water are increasing allergen risk in humans causing more allergies so drink filtered water.  Probiotics role in allergy is to reset the immune system specifically in the gut.  Buffered C has natural anti-histaminic support. Sina-Stat now includes Complete Turmeric Matrix for added anti inflammatory purposes.

There are 3 products in this Package:

1)  Probiotic Essentials-One capsule twice daily.

2) Buffered C 1000-One tablet three times daily.

3) Sina-Stat-New Formulation-One tablet twice daily.





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