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Pre-Menopausal Issues for Women (PMS)

Typically Occurs 7-14 Days Prior to Menses, and may include:
• Severe mood swings: crying, extreme emotions, increased anxiety, depressed feelings
• Breast tenderness
• Fluid retention
• Weight gain
• Headaches
• Cramps (lower abdominal)
• Abdominal bloating
• Sugar cravings
• Irritability
• Acne
• Heavy flow
Possible PMS Contributing Factors:
• Estrogen Dominance
• Progesterone Deficiency
• Liver Congestion
• Toxic Bowel
• Increased Aldosterone levels
• Increased Prolactin Levels
• Poor Thyroid Function

Solutions for PMS:
• Urine Hormone Testing (DUTCH) to evaluate Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and metabolite levels
• Urine Hormone Testing (DUTCH) to evaluate liver detox pathways

• CoenzymeB Complete: one capsule, twice daily with food
• I3C complete: one capsule, twice daily
• Cycle Essentials: one capsule, twice daily
• Bio Identical Progesterone (where applicable)

Diet and Lifestyle:
• Must consume to a whole foods, unprocessed diet
• Plenty of vegetables and fruit
• Reduce consumption of: alcohol, sodium, chocolate, sugar and white refined flours
• Smaller, frequent meals
• Smaller portions
• Avoid hypoglycemia