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For decades, scientists in the field of medicine have recommended to women on how to “reverse” osteoporosis. They have basically said to take a certain type of drug and take calcium.

As a naturopath, clinical nutritionist, homeopath and pharmacist, my perspective on these recommendations has been different. The real question should be how do we prevent bone loss? And how do we maintain bone density? Is it through drinking milk? Taking calcium? Tums? All of these options, misconceptions and choices are unsubstantial approaches.

From a holistic perspective the new findings in the Journal of Biomedical Science demonstrates that foods and specific nutrients can modify bodily systems.  In the “Role of carotenoid B-cryptoxanthin in bone homeostasis,” researchers found that there are natural ways to prevent and maintain bone loss.

The family of carotenoids, specifically the B-crytoxanthin can increase the body’s ability to help prevent bone loss and improve overall bone health. It can also down regulate osteoclastic activity, which breaks bone down.

This concept is perfectly in line with my teaching. For years, I have recommended that patients alkalinize their diets. The alkalinized focused diet concept incorporates many of the key foods that will help maintain bone density and prevent bone loss. These foods include: peppers (all colors), squash, hot peppers, oranges, tangerines, peaches, carrots and yams are some of the best sources of carontenoids.