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We absolutely love this article put out by Texas A&M University. The article says, “Thousands flock to the internet in search of ways to boost a healthy lifestyle. Many popular diet facts and trends are circulated so often in the media that it’s hard to know which tips to trust and which ones should be tossed. Underneath popular opinion and platitudes, the truth about eating healthy may surprise you. A Texas A&M Health Science Center registered dietician separates myths from fact when it comes to your diet.”

We have been preaching many of these points for years, but JUST in case you wanted to be sure, here they are:

  • “Gluten-free desserts are healthier”
  • “Sugar free and fat free foods lead to fat-free bodies”
  • “Carbs make you fat”
  • “Healthy food is more expensive”
  • “You’ll gain weight if you eat late at night”
  • “Fasting is important to cleanse the body”

To read details about each point, click here.

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