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Lifestyle Health Group is excited to introduce all of you to the revolutionary BioDensity System. Dr. Mike Hanlon is the first and currently the only doctor in Pennsylvania utilizing this life changing technology. The BioDensity System is a must for women of all ages. One five minute session a week on BioDensity will prevent and reverse osteoporosis, dramatically increase your overall body strength, and make everyday activities easier and more enjoyable. This is possible because BioDensity builds strength and bone density in a revolutionary way. You truly have to try out the system to believe it! Dr. Hanlon offers a Free 2 Week Trials on BioDensity for anyone who is interested in improving their strength, bone health and quality of life. You don’t have to be a woman to benefit from this technology. Dr. Hanlon has numerous athletes from the age of 12 and up and of all abilities utilizing BioDensity as well. For the athlete’s BioDensity helps create stronger joints, ligaments and tendons so the chance of injury is reduced and the dramatic increase in overall body strength translates into increased athletic performance. The most excited group of all are the moms whose busy schedules do not permit time to hit the gym. Now they can tone and firm every muscle in the body as well as experience all the other benefits of strength training in 5 minutes once a week!

Dr. Hanlon will be hosting an open house week starting on Monday September 13 and culminating on Saturday September 18th with a health fair in the courtyard outside of his office from 10AM – 2PM. During the open house week and health fair Dr. Hanlon will be conducting Free BioDensity trials, accepting new patients, offering free health and spinal screenings, conducting office tours and answering all of your health questions you might have. On top of the BioDensity System Lifestyle Health group offers chiropractic care, a weight loss program and custom made orthotics. Lifestyle Health Group is located in the Donaldson’s Crossroads Shopping Center in Peters Township. They can be reached at 724-969-0800. Call today for the open house schedule and come see what separates Lifestyle Health Group from all the rest.

Promotion for Joe DiMatteo Listeners & Newsletter Subscribers Only:
50% off monthly BioDensity Membership.

New Chiropractic Patients Receive: A Complete Evaluation, Exam, 3D Digital Postural Evaluation, Nervous System Scan and X-rays for $30.00! (normally a $185.00 visit)

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