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May 30, 2014

Ask The Pharmacist Livestream with Joe DiMatteo May 24, 2014

In this Livestream, Joe discusses Anxiety Stress & Depression, as he finishes the subject he began last week.  He talks about the fact that diet, inflammation and exercise play a role in depression and depressive symptoms.  “When you are physically active you have anti depressive activities like what you would have from pharmacologic activities of drugs.”  Joe continues to say that “A study was done with women on Zoloft and an exercise group.  They found 47% responded to meds and 45% responded to exercise”.

The take away message was If you are battling anxiety and depression, the bottom line is to change your diet and add exercise.  “Lack of exercise pushes you further into abyss and introducing it brings you out of it.”

Here is the link to this video:

Ask The Pharmacist Livestream with Joe DiMatteo-Anxiety Stress and Depression

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