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September 19, 2014

High stress, lack of movement, inactivity, poor diet, starvation diets, low calorie foods or sugar free diets, refined white flours, sugars AND alcohol are all examples of  lethal blows to your metabolism, as discussed by Joe in this weeks Livestream. These cause you to produce more visceral fats.  Many of us fall into one or more of these categories.

“Visceral Fat around internal organs produces inflammatory proteins which change your insulin sensitivity, which diminishes your bodies ability to burn.  These are lethal blows to your metabolism”

Discipline is the key to avoiding this lethal blow.  Some of all the above…some of all of the check marks that Joe talks about must be addressed. We need to realize that one plus one does not equal two, it equals three or four or even five.  They act together and are actually synergistic and cause an exponentially growth.

Listen to the entire Livestream and hear Joe describe the discipline and diligence you need to avoid this lethal blow.

Ask The Pharmacist Livestream with Joe DiMatteo:  Lethal Blows To Your Metabolism

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Diane Silverman R.Ph.
Ask The Pharmacist Group