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January 23, 2015

Last weeks Livestream, Joe discussed the manifestations in our body that may come from “Food Allergies”.  He first described the difference between:

  • What is intolerance
  • What is allergy (true vs delayed)
  • What is sensitivity

The key is why do individuals become intolerant, sensitive or allergic and the unending list of symptoms (manifestations in our body) that this can cause such as skin issues, migraines, joint inflammation, asthma, skeletal muscle discomfort, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, bloat, gas, indigestion and more.

After the break, Joe begins to discuss the diet types to help deal with these issues.

  • Elimination Diet (modified) preferred and most of the time response
  •  Elimination Diet (strict)
  • Rotation Diet

In addition to this Food Allergy Testing can be done as well.

The last step is repair.  Let the body reset itself, restore itself and then repair itself.

Here is the link to the entire Livestream:

Ask The Pharmacist Livestream with Joe DiMatteo “Food Allergies”

As always,

Be well,

Diane Silverman R.Ph.
Ask The Pharmacist Group, LLC