We are proud to partner with Walk-In Lab, your source for hassle free blood testing at an affordable rate. With adequate blood testing and results we can diagnose more effectively and provide you with more information to ultimately keep you healthy! Once the blood testing is complete and your results are in they will be read and interpreted by one of our qualified staff!

WalkInLab.com provides direct-to-consumer medical lab tests nationwide. Medical lab tests are one of the most effective and proven methods for preventing and detecting disease. Now everyone can order convenient, affordable and confidential lab tests online with far greater savings and faster results than traditional testing channels. Committed to operational excellence with an innovative approach, WALK-IN LAB offers a wide array of lab tests without your doctor’s order, empowering individuals to take control of health care costs while monitoring their overall health. We strive to provide superior customer service with a professionally-trained and dedicated staff. At Ask Joe DiMatteo.com & WalkInLab.com, the patient comes first.

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