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A new study from Atlanta’s Emory University has concluded that children consuming more than 6 tsp (that’s teaspoons, NOT tablespoons!) of sugar per day are harming their health!
According to the study of compiled, peer-reviewed research, children 4-8 should stay under three teaspoons while those under 4 shouldn’t have any added sugar.
For perspective, a single can of soda contains more sugar than young teens should have in an entire day.
To clarify, this is a study of added sugar, not naturally occurring sugars in foods like fruit. Generally speaking, natural sugars have a lower glycemic response than added sugars. That means they don’t spike blood sugar and therefore don’t risk damaging the pancreas, brain or any other part of the body. If your little one wants something sweet, give them an orange, apple or grapes!
For more on this study, just click here!
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