Shipping Delays

Nobody wants to make this sort of announcement:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, orders are taking significantly longer to arrive than they should.

Every order is packaged and shipped the same day it’s purchased (except Sundays). Nothing about our process has changed.

Unfortunately, our shipper (United States Postal Service) is experiencing a significant delay in delivery speeds. Depending on the region, some customers are reporting delays of up to 2 weeks.

We don’t know precisely what is causing the delays, but it’s a safe bet that it’s a combination of Covid-19 and holiday shipping frenzy.

Please be patient with us! We are doing all we can to remedy this situation. Unfortunately, most of it is out of our hands. What we CAN do is provide you with a tracking number so you can check the progress of your order after it has left our offices.

If you would like to know the number for your order, after you receive the email with the subject of “Your Ask Joe DiMatteo order is now complete”, send an email to Include your name and the order number located within the completion email, and we’ll respond with the tracking information.

Please take this delay into account when ordering! Plan your re-supplies earlier than you normally would!

For Pittsburgh area residents, If you nee a supplement immediately, remember that our two locations (Penn Hills & Oakmont) have all of our products in stock and available.

We know how frustrating this is. We’re frustrated, too.

Thank you for being patient with us, and THANK YOU for trusting us with your health.

Contact Us

To place an order or ask a question: 800-609-6633

From Canada (or outside the US):

To schedule an assessment:

To phone the show:
M-F Radio show: 1-800-281-8255

Sat Radio show: 1-800-320-8255


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