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Prostate Essentials Plus is an essential supplement for any man over age 40. This formula provides potent, natural support for prostate function.*

Prostate Essentials Plus is the first and only prostate formula to combine the following eight scientifically validated, synergistic herbs and nutrients:

1) Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is the most extensively studied herb for prostate function. The saw palmetto in Prostate Essentials Plus provides 85% to 95% active fatty acids from the oil of the saw palmetto berry. It is the most active saw palmetto available.*

2) Pygeum (Pygeum africanum) has also been scientifically substan- tiated to benefit prostate health.Prostate Essentials Plus combines pygeum with saw palmetto berry for powerful, synergistic prostate suppor t.*

3) Lycopene, a super potency antioxidant carotenoid, is specifically recommended for healthy prostate function. This formula provides a full 12 mg. of fully bioavailable lycopene. In contrast, other prostate products offer a lycopene complex that is only 2% to 3% active. This makes Prostate Essentials Plus Vitality Guard lycopene equivalent to 300 mg. of other formulas of lycopene.*

4) Nettle (Urtica dioca) contains vitamin C, iron, and other prostate-supportive nutrients.*

5) Linoleic Acid is an essen- tial polyunsaturated, omega 6 fatty acid found in pumpkin seed oil.

6) Linolenic Acid is an essential polyunsaturated, omega 3 fatty acid found in pumpkin seed oil.

7) Zinc picolinate is an essential mineral for prostate health.

8) Selenium (as l-selenome- thionine) is also an essential mineral for prostate health.

The synergy of these eight prostate vitality factors brings effective results in just a few days. In contrast, other formulas proudly proclaim that in just three to four months you can expect to feel results.*

Prostate Essentials Plus DIFFERENCE This vegetarian, hypoallergenic formula provides eight prostate- nourishing compounds in their most active, beneficial forms. This synergized combination sets Prostate Essentials Plus apart from any other prostate formula available.*


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