Cholesterol Support Plus Package

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Cholesterol Support Package Plus

A day does not go by that someone does not call, email or stop in with questions on cholesterol management.  Many do not want to begin the “statin train” or have side effects that force stopping them.  We have come up with a package that will help to support healthy levels and in proper proportion.  Research has shown that 1500mg of bergamot a day has similar cholesterol lowering properties as Crestor 5mg nightly.  Click here to read the report:  Bergamot Study vs. Statin 

The Resveratrol Advanced adds the anti inflammatory component of cardiovascular disease to this package.


Red Yeast Rice:  Take two capsules twice daily breakfast and dinner, or dinner and bedtime.

Omega-3 Complete:  Take one capsule twice daily.

Bergamot Essentials:  Take one capsule three times daily or three capsules at dinner.

Resveratrol Advanced Essentials:  Take two capsule daily.  Can both be taken at dinner.

1 review for Cholesterol Support Plus Package

  1. John England (verified owner)

    43 yr old male
    Nov 2020 all cholesterol levels were over by 125 or more. My Dr immediately wanted me on Stats I refused. I was already exercising regularly but ate pretty much what I wanted but was still organic low grains. I ordered this pack and started taking them as recommended and cut out any processed foods and left what bread I was eating for wraps instead. 30 days later my levels dropped by 50 points, he still wanted me on Stats and I still refused. 60 days after that, all levels were normal! This product is outstanding!

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