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VITAMIN A: fat soluble for vision, gene expression, reproduction, immune function, embryonic development, human growth.

VITAMIN B1: thiamine…converts carbohydrates and aminos to energy..helps heart,
muscles, and nervous system to operate

VITAMIN B2: riboflavin..human growth and reproduction, red blood cells, energy from carbs

VITAMIN B3: niacin…digestion, skin and nerves, cholesterol reduction

VITAMIN B5: pantothenic acid..fatty acid metabolism, synthesis of hormones and cholesterol

VITAMIN B6: pyridoxine..metabolism of amino acids and glycogen , antibodies in the immune system

VITAMIN B9: folic acid…synthesis of protein , DNA production, tissue growth, cell function

VITAMIN B12: cell metabolism, red blood cell production, central nervous system

BIOTIN: muscle mass

CHOLINE: improved memory and magnesium stores

VITAMIN C: in vivo production of collagen, or your body’s infrastructure

VITAMIN E:tocotrionols…potent antioxidant, heart, circulation, cancer prevention , etc

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS or E.F.A.’s the omega oils..should be a mix of 4 parts omega 3 to 1 part omega 1 to 1 part conjugated linoleic acid..essential to tissue repair

MINERALS the correct balance of bio-identical bioavailable salts..essential for growth and hormone balance