Measles-specific Neutralizing Antibodies

December 5, 2014

In Mozambique, as in many sub-Saharan countries, measles remains a public health problem.  They conducted cross-sectional surveys in which they assessed measles-specific antibodies in serum (blood) and breast milk.  A total of 151 persons, one month to 23 years of age were surveyed.  53% had levels equal to or above the protective level.  20% had no antibody detected.  Almost all infants (96%), ages 6-8 months, had non-protective titres.  Overall, 20.7% that had the measles vaccine had non-protective titres.    The results revealed that a notable proportion of the population in Mozambique apparently remains susceptible to clinical measles despite recent mass vaccination campaigns.

Here is the link to the article:

Measles-specific Neutralizing Antibodies In Rural Mozambique: Seroprevalance and Presence In Breast Milk 

God bless you and to your good health!

Joyce Gibb MS, CRNP
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