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In the months since Joe’s passing, we’ve been working hard to find ways to continue to bring the same wisdom and advice to our fans and customers. It wasn’t easy figuring out what to do next, which is why we are so pleased to announce a major piece of what we’ve been working on!

FUCNTIONAL HEALTH with JOYCE GIBB will be recurring, online web series where Joyce can answer questions from listeners as well as do deep-dives on all sorts of health issues!

First up, Joyce discusses estrogen supplementation and weight loss as well as the ketogenic diet! What are you waiting for? Check it out!

For now, the setting might look familiar, but we have all sorts of big plans in the works. Stay tuned as we’re continuing to build out new ideas and new ways to bring some experience and wisdom to your good health!

Want to schedule a time for a private consultation with Joyce? It’s easy! Just call 888-865-9595 or you can schedule it directly from our site!