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April 25, 2014

In this broadcast Joe discusses the roles Artificial Sweetners play in our metablism and the problems they create in our body.  He states the “we consume more than we realize and that problems such as increase in tumor activity, headaches, migraines, and shrinkage of thymus gland as well as changes in thyroid and pituitary activity can occur”.

He found it most interesting in the association with obesity especially in young people who consume beverages that are artificially sweetened and mainly with Aspartame.  Aspartame breaks down to MSG activity which is documented to make lab animals obese.  The body gets tricked with aspartame and we find that someone that consumes artificially sweetened beverages may actually gain more weight than someone consuming a sugar sweetened beverage because it is not about caloric value  but about the tricking of brain.  Click the link below to hear the entire segment”

Ask The Pharmacist Livestream-Sugar Addictions April 19, 2014

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