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According to a study out of the University of Buffalo, “While more consumers than ever are making healthier choices at the grocery store, they tend to purchase a balance of healthy and less-healthy foods, according to new research from the University at Buffalo School of Management.”

The article continues, “‘There is a disconnect between what people say they want to eat and what they actually purchase,” says study co-author Minakshi Trivedi, PhD, professor of marketing in the UB School of Management. “Each group we studied made tradeoffs on healthy and unhealthy food to varying degrees.’ The researchers analyzed two years of scanner data across more than 70 stores of a major U.S. retail chain, along with survey responses from 400 of the chain’s shoppers to see if consumers consciously balanced their health concerns with their actual food purchases.”

Although it is interesting that most people know how they want to eat, and often know what choices to make, there seems to be a contradiction when it comes to actually purchasing.

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