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March 13, 2015

This week Joe discussed some of the causes of hair loss as well as more importantly how the minimize the risk and potential.  Learning to diminish the potential risk and risk factors are as important as the treatment.  The focus in this Livestream is male and female pattern baldness, although Joe did discuss Alopecia (Areata and Universalis).

Causes can be:

  • Thyroid disease and thyroid antibody production
  • Poor nutrient status
  • Lack of adequate antioxidants in the body
  • Alcohol consumption and lack of physical activity
  • Hormone Cascade (This is what Joe refers to as “the meat of hair loss”)

Joe next gives a quick summary of how DHEA converts to Testosterone which then converts to DHT and Estrogen in men and women respectively.  Oral prescriptions word at this level.  Caution on long term use is explained by Joe at this point.  Joe concludes this Livestream with product recommendations and lifestyle changes to address how to best manage hair loss.

Here is the link to the entire Livestream:

Ask The Pharmacist Livestream with Joe DiMatteo-“Hair Loss”